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Toddler Bed Buying Guide with Style and Design Ideas

It is about time that you want to transfer your child from a crib to a toddler bed. You must not rush into buying a twin bed before your child is about age for that. Toddler beds come with benefits. You can use your existing crib mattress while your kid has extra space for toys. A toddler bed is safer for its design as it is babyproof and free from toxic substances in its material.

When to transfer your child to a toddler bed?

Your baby needs a transfer to a toddler bed between ages 18 months to 2 years. Some children take more time, and the highest age for transition is four years. The most upper age limit to use a toddler bed is seven years. You can try to transfer your toddler between 5 years to 7 years to a regular bed.

Toddler bed material

There is three primary bed material for toddler beds – wood, plastic, and metal. Each of these materials offers different features with durability and uniqueness.


A wide range of designs is available with solid wood, combined wood or wooden pattern. Solid wood is the most durable. Oak and pine are famous for bed frames. You will find a range of finishes from color painted to handcrafted.


Plastic beds are the least durable in comparison with wood or metal. The designs yet are lovely and child theme based. Plastic beds are easy to assemble and convenient to keep clean.


Metal is common for day beds and bunk beds, as the supporting frames give high durability. You can find metal beds in neutral color shades. Aluminum, brushed nickel, or antique brass make up the bed frame.

Toddler Bed Safety Measures

So you are ready for your baby’s crib to bed transition. You must consider the safety measures for your child’s protection.

Height of your child

Your child is ready for bed transition when the bed rails are less than three quarters to the height of your child.

Position the bed around a safe space

The bed should be in a safe space away from curtains or dangling wires.

Regular checking of the bed joints and screws

For your child’s safety, you need to check the bed joints and screws over some time.

Bed height from ground level

The bed should be low to the ground for easy access. Place a soft rug beside the bed to ensure safety if your child falls from bed.

Provision to install bed rails

Ensure that the bed allows installing bed rails as it is a must to fit these if the cot has no built-in bed rails.

Toddler Bed with simple design

Beds without fancy headboard and footboard is always a good idea from getting hurt by pointy edges.

Electrical points out of reach

Electrical points must hide under safety boxes to avoid your child from getting into accidents when left unattended.

Babyproofing the room

The entire room has to be babyproof so that your child can cruise around the room in safety when you are not around.

Installing a safety device

A baby watch or security devices helps to track your child’s activity from a remote place.

Toddler bed adjustability

Your child can use the bed for at best four years. If you are reluctant on buying a cot for just a few years, then choose a bed with adjustability. Furniture that transforms into an adult bed is preferable to save money. Another adjustable feature for toddler bed is its height. Some allow you to change the ground level height to your preference.

Toddler bed prices


With this price range, you will get beds made of cheap plastic. They are not as durable as high-end beds.


You will find much good quality, durable beds in this mid-range.


Beds in this price range are of high-quality material and extremely durable. You get many attractive designer models in this price range.

Toddler Bed Styles

There are many designs of toddler bed from classic styles to cartoon character.

Sleigh Beds

These are conventional wooden beds with slatted headboard, footboard, and bed rails.

Vehicle-shaped Beds

An excellent choice to make your toddler switch to the new bed. These come as a race car, bus, train, carriages, and more.

Day Beds

Toddler day beds usually have three full sides. These come with bed rail and without bed rail. The one with bed rail becomes a regular bed while the other becomes a couch.

Convertible Beds

These beds have the adjustability feature that transforms into an adult bed. It requires a special transform kit for conversion along with a bigger mattress.

Toddler bed mattresses

The toddler bed mattress is the same size as crib mattresses. If the bed converts to a regular dimension, you will need a bigger mattress. There are a few things to consider for your mattress.


The quality of your mattress will vary with its value. If you have many children, you can invest a bit and opt for a higher quality product.


Usually, the same mattress fits on cribs and toddler beds. So for your one-time investment, you must keep this in mind and choose the one that is best for you.


Durability is not a factor unless your other children use the same mattress later.


This feature is great to save your mattress from getting wet. Children tend to spill liquids, vomit, or urinate in sleep. Waterproof beds either have a removable cover that is washable or a fixed waterproof pad. Also, you can buy a separate pad on top of your regular mattress.


Most of the mattresses fit standard cribs. It is best to take measurements before you buy. If you are looking to buy something more significant, then standard twin or full is the right choice.


Five inches height is the highest thickness available for any comfortable crib mattress. Thicker than five inches is hard to find.


Babies grow up fast, and within a blink of an eye, your child will have a transition to a toddler bed. When choosing the bed, you will ensure safety over everything. There are many styles and designs for your little one with a range of materials.

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