Best Ways To Retain Crisp Sheets

The comfort of sleeping on crisp sheets

There are many types of bed sheets you can choose from eucalyptus, linen, and microfiber to flannel, sateen, and cotton. Cotton crisp sheets are soft and breathable. They do not require ironing and seems “freshly made bed” all the time. Cotton is so far the most preferred type of sheet for its durability. Those with sensitive skin opt for cotton.

Best quality sheets use cloth with extra-long fiber that gives the fabric strength. Greater the thread count, softer is the fabric, and it will get softer with time and wear well. Although greater thread count matters that does not imply that less thread count sheets are any worse. The most important factor is the fabric having long staple. Long staple yarn makes the fabric soft and comfortable. Egyptian cotton and Supima are the best thin, crisp sheets in the market. With all these benefits of cotton sheets, a good night sleep leads to the dreamland.

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Types of crisp sheets available

Sheets play a vital role just after mattresses. There are many sheets available on the market. Sheets with higher thread count is softer than lower thread count. Cotton sheets give crisp texture and hotel-like luxury.

Egyptian cotton – these are made of fine threads giving a soft, smooth and flexible texture. The length of the fiber is very long with no compromise with the strength of the material. It is most famous for better absorption capacity. It is the best and most luxurious fabric for long-lasting crisp sheets.
Cotton Percale – these are sturdy fabric, weaved one over other throughout that gives thick, smooth and robust material.
Supima cotton – these have extra long staple fiber that gives the material strength, softness and color retention. Supima derives from the words “supreme” and “Pima.”
Turkish cotton – these have a combination of high absorption and softness. Absorption is less than that of Egyptian cotton which allows efficient drying.

Most popular bedsheets in the market

When you are spending one-third of your day in bed, you will go for luxury. There is nothing compared to good sleep in a crisp hotel-like sheet. The most popular brands are as follows.

  • The Chateau Home Collection sheets – these are thick and heavy, more luxurious giving hotel-like feel. They are 100% Egyptian cotton.
  • Brooklinen Classic Core – these are lightweight cotton percale, giving the crisp, breathable and relaxed feel. It is best for a good night sleep.
  • Macy’s Hotel Collection Sheets – these are 100% Supima cotton sheets giving the luxurious hotel-like feel.
  • Cifelli Home OrganicPro – these are certified 100% organic Turkish cotton, extremely durable and soft.
  • L.L.Bean 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set – these percale sheets give cool, crisp feel. They are breathable, comfortable and in reasonable price.
  • Snowe Percale Sheet Set – these are similar to L.L.Bean but softer, cooler and crispier and closer to high-end sheets.

The proper washing method for crisp sheets

Hot water or even bleach is desired to clean thoroughly and sanitize. Fabric label gives the appropriate washing instruction. Here are few tips to follow:

  • Wash every week – wash sheets at least once a week.
  • Treat your stains separately – treat any pre-stains before the wash with a stain remover.
  • Do not overload washing machine – sheets require space for proper circulation.
  • Use good detergent and hot water – mild soap must be used to refrain fabric discoloration.
  • Liquid detergents give better result.
  • Avoid mixing ammonia with bleach – it creates a chemical reaction and harmful for the fabric. It’s better to use a natural ingredient such as lemon juice.
  • Select the right machine cycle – machine cycle with ideal temperature for the sheet fabric must be selected. Too hot water weakens the fiber.
  • Take out wet sheets from laundry promptly to smell fresh – linens must be taken out of the machine as soon as washing is completed to retain the pleasant smell.
  • Dry sheets till nearly dried as it lays on bed neatly – do not over dry the fabric as it gets wrinkled. It is better to have them a little damp to lay on neatly without ironing.
  • You may iron your sheets
  • Keep them neatly folded until next use

Tips to keep sheets feeling crisp

  • Instruction label is important – Read the instruction label properly and follow accordingly. Keep it safe somewhere to look back again when needed.
  • Wash it in cold or lukewarm water
  • Avoid overdrying
  • Iron pillowcases for the crisp look
  • Maintain three sets of bedsheets – sheets must have good storage, washed and well maintained. To retain the fresh look on your bed keep at least three bedsheets. One on the bed, the other in laundry and the other in your shelve. Wash once a week and rotate your sheets.
  • Use fabric softener
  • Brighten your sheets with oxygen bleach

Tricks used by hotels

Hotel beds look neat because of the smooth flat texture without creases. It seems messy and untidy due to a big wrinkle in the middle. Just spray a little tap water on the crinkles of almost-made bed and let the corners be out. Shake the top layer until the creases settle. Then tug the comforter tight, and your bed is ready and tidy.

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